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Playable ad formats are proven to have a positive impact on performance on Facebook, seeing a 2X higher CTR than non-interactive advertisements.

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Proven Performance

According to Emarketer's survey among US agency professionals, 

28% of them found playable ads the most effective ad format.

Boost Engagement with Gamified Video Ads

Playable video advertising is a proven way to enhance engagement and performance of your advertising campaigns. The full screen, immersive experience, draws in users and prompts them to interact with elements of your ad that lead to deeper and more meaningful customer relationships.

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Case Studies

Standard Chartered Made Personal Loans Fun With Playable Ads on Facebook.

The objective for Standard Chartered Bank was to increase awareness of their personal loans products, to drive traffic to the product page and to generate leads.

In collaboration with Facebook, VMG Digital helped Standard Chartered Bank test a playable ad against their static carousel. The playable utilized a ‘Match 3’ game format displaying personal loans info in a fun way and achieved the following results:

Higher CTR

Reese's Increases Engagement on Facebook With Interactive Mobile Ad.

Reese's was able to captivate & delight consumers by fusing the sight, sound & touch aspects of mobile engagement to create an entertaining & immersive mobile ad experience - that droves unmatched outcomes.

With the Facebook playable ad, they saw extremely high engagement and user completion rates with an average time spent with the ad topping one minute.

Engagement Rate

Completion Rate

A Few of Our Favorite Formats
​More than 40+ Playable Facebook Ad Formats Available with VMG Digital & TreSensa.

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